The Bike Tyre Mystery

Right, I was going to post something on here about a lamppost down my road that’s got a bike tyre round the bottom of it, how like it’s not something you notice until you think about how it got there and realise someone must have thrown it over the lamppost with stunning accuracy and how whichever teenage boy managed it probably felt amazing for the rest of the day, but on my walk to work this morning I saw that it wasn’t there anymore, so I assumed someone must have cut it off and binned it. But then on my walk back home from work, I saw a bike tyre very near the same lamppost, no cuts in it at all. Is it the same bike tyre? Is it a new one? Did a council person manage to throw it BACK from off the lamppost? Impossible, surely? Has the teenage boy who put the first one there nicked another one and is leaving it there until he has time to try and hoopla a second bike tyre in defiance of the council cutting his old one off? Perhaps we’ll never know.